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Doctor care anywhere

Doctor care anywhere

In February of 2016, and with a legacy code we were given, the number of consults throughout Doctor Care Anywhere app was limited and on a monthly level amounted to 18. Only a year later, and through the use of new technologies, we established reliability, stability and scalability of the application. This directly contributed to an increased number of consults, amounting 50 on a daily level, and we believe this number will continue to grow exponentially. In the text below we offer you an insight into the problems our client had and the solutions we came up with.

Client: Synergix (   

Project: DCA (

About the client:

As a doctor founded - patient-focused company, DCA believes that happy doctors mean happy patients. When it comes to health and wellbeing, DCA wants to give its customers peace of mind, whenever and wherever they need it.

Man using doctor care anywhere app on the phone Doctor care anywhere app

The client-side used the following technologies: HTML, CSS, native iOS and native Android, while the server-side used: ASP.NET MVC, Microsoft Dynamics CRM,, Twilio, Azure web jobs/functions, Azure PNS, Amazon Cloud Front. We have used the Agile methodology, Scrum for this project.


One of the project goals was to build a new scalable and extensible platform that gives patients a new approach to healthcare by offering online consultations with doctors.

The team:

Our team consists of 4 mobile developers and 6 back-end developers. The product owner, UX/UI designer and QA manager are also part of the team.


We came up with a web platform for booking appointments with doctors, having online consultations and keeping the patient records available 24/7. The app is available for patients use both for iOS and Android mobile applications.


The new platform supports heavy loads, allows easy maintenance and is extensible.

For more information about this or any other project, please feel free to contact us.

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